Our Vision and Values

The Telligence vision is simply to provide the best website platform in the world. We want to make it easy for everyone to get content online and engage with their chosen audience.

As part of achieving this vision the team at Telligence ("the Telligencia") has some core values that we live, breathe and use to direct our day to day work. These values are:

There is Always a Better Way


 Be a creative genius

 1% improvement - every week.

 Enshrine Failure - we don't learn without failure. Did we give up the first time we tried to walk?

Always Transparent

 Financially Open

 Honest and Ethical

 Accountable to Data

Respect the Customer

 The Customer is always right (even if they are a little bit wrong).

 Deliver 5% more than is expected

 The User Interface must always come first and be simple.

 Help our Customer's businesses become efficient and successful.

 Make the customer feels so good about us they recommend us to 5 friends.

Step Lightly on Our Planet

 Care for Others

 Minimise Energy Use

 Give Back - Giver's Gain.

 Think Local - Look after our own Community First.

Happy, Happy People

 Relaxed Work Environment

 Reward Success

 Communicate Clearly

 Encourage Discussion


 Remove Obstructions



Our Customer Commitment

As a Telligence client we want you to know that you have the right to expect the following standards from us…

 You will receive a personalised, friendly, fun and sometimes spontaneous service from a creative team totally focused on you. You will be respected as a person and never taken for granted.

 You’ll find us honest, truthful and ‘up-front’ with you at all times.

 You’ll receive prompt turnaround on all your projects, small or large, but without sacrificing quality. You’ll save plenty of time and frustration.

 You’ll rarely find our products to be the cheapest in the market. You will however, always get the best quality and value to give your business real benefits.

 Your investment in our services and products will always be rewarded with exceptional quality and a purpose-driven design solution that will add significantly to your business.

 As you refer your friends and colleagues to Telligence you’re assured they will also receive Our Commitment, so you can feel good about referring.

 We will effectively communicate with you frequently as we build a win-win long term partnership and friendship to help you reflect your vision, fulfil your objectives and unleash your sales potential, market awareness and branding effectiveness of your business.

 You’ll receive ideas from us, some left of field, along the way and a sincere passion to educate you in the myriad of opportunities available through online design and marketing related activities so that you can make educated and informed decisions.

 You won’t get billed any hidden costs. You’ll receive your solution for what our proposal reads and if the project specifics change and this is impossible, you’ll always be notified upfront when it arises, not when you receive our invoice.

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