SEO Tip of the Month

By Leigh Clover

SEO is continually changing (yes, I’m sure you know that already) so sometimes it is better to concentrate on search engines 101. These four tips below should future proof your site and application of these will ensure that you are riding the crest of the search engine’s wave.

1. Concentrated Content

Write a great page of content and then concentrate on marketing it over a few weeks. Blog it on your website, email your site subscribers on this topic, distribute it via your social media channels and use it in forum conversations in it’s topic area (don’t over-spam – mention it in conversation).

2. Check your Pages for good SEO practices

Make sure that you have enough content on your pages. Research by MO shows that 300 word content is next to useless – aim for 2,000 works of good content. Eliminate pages that offer little or no value to your website audience.

3. Ensure Good Code

Investigate and fix any coding issues on your web. Make sure the pages load quickly. Although we are responsible for the content management system, make sure that you aren’t loading large images or javascript that will affect the page speed. If you do see something wrong, give us a call – we are here to help.

4. Be a Social Butterfly

Unless you have been a caterpillar locked in a cocoon you will have heard time and time again – use your social channels. You may not want to share your deepest personal feelings on Facebook (hopefully) but social networks are very good for your business.  Start with Facebook, Twitter and of course Google Plus. Post frequently, use regularly and you will reap benefits. Remember it’s not just advertising; it will be more effective if you offer advice, post good links/sites you have seen etc.  Make it worthwhile for others to be interested with what you post.