PowerSites Now Has Increased Security Options

By Leigh Clover

As password security has recently become a key focus for a number of our PowerSites clients, we have added a new feature to our user security that is now available to all of our PowerSites clients.

The new developed security feature includes:

1. Limit Incorrect Login Attempts Allowed By Users

We can now limit the number of times we allow users to login with an incorrect password. After they reach this limit, their account will be locked and they will need to contact a website administrator to reset their password. This will prevent hacking attempts using password generators to attempt to gain access to your website.

2. Hide All Passwords & Issue Temporary Passwords

This feature has been enhanced, we can now hide all passwords in both your website administration area so no website administrators, or even us can see your password. Previously if you forgot your password we would email it through you. This has now been changed so that if you forget your password, we will reset your password and email you a new temporary password. You will be requested to create a new password and allow you to create a new one.


3. Restrict How Long Temporary Passwords Are Valid

In addition to creating temporary passwords instead of resending your existing passwords out, we can also restrict the amount of time that a temporary password lasts for.

If this new security feature is something you would like activated on your PowerSites website, please give your account manager a call today on 02 4967 7255 or email