What Does Being Mobile Responsive Mean

By Leigh Clover

Websites in the past were developed as a fixed width i.e. 960 px wide which would make sure they looked good on most screens. As people starting using mobiles a few years ago,  web professionals were delivering a desktop, mobile and sometimes a tablet version of new websites. This meant when you developed a new site you would also have to design up to three different versions and control which one visitors saw by tracking the device they were using when they visited.

Today with the rapid growth of mobile usage and people using desktops, tablets, mini tablets and mobile phones all which have different screen sizes, website design has needed to change. Mobile responsive website design is now using a more fluid and responsive design format, this means that no matter what size screen you are viewing the website on, the content automatically resizes and adjusts to suit.

4 Things You Should Check On Your Website!

1. The first thing you should do is jump on your mobile and see if you can even read your website. Check if you can read the writing and test how easy it is to navigate from your mobile and/or tablet device?  Make sure you check a number of pages as you may have had a custom built mobile version for your main website pages.


2. Another simple test to see if your website is responsive is to open it on a desktop and slowly drag the screen inwards and see if it changes. This will show if the website design is fluid and responsive (remember you need to do step 1 as well as you may have had a mobile version of your website built).

3. Jump on to your Google Analytics account or whatever program you use to monitor your website stats and see how many people are visiting your site from mobile and tablet devices?  The website stats below show almost 25% of their traffic comes from Mobile and an additional 25% from tablets? Can you afford to have a website that doesn't look great on all devices?

4. Is your phone number able to be dialled directly from a mobile device i.e. when you view your website from your smartphone try tapping the phone number and see if you are prompted to dial? So many people are searching for your number online when they are ready to call, you need to ensure that your website makes this process easy!

All new websites designed by Telligence are now mobile responsive, this means that as you adjust the screen and view them on different devices they look great! The advantage of having a Telligence website is that even for our current clients with older designed websites they don't have to start again from scratch. They can keep their content as it is and simply have their website redesigned to make them mobile responsive - for just a fraction of the cost!!