Selling and Registering Event Tickets Has Never Been So Easy

Promote and sell tickets to your events quickly and easily all via the same website administration area.

event ticketing and registration

Easily Manage Your Event Calendar

 Regardless of if you are just promoting external events or selling tickets to your annual conferences, the PowerSites events system will make it easy.

 Easily add and manage your events and let the system automatically remove them once they are over

 Choose how your events calendar is displayed on your website to best suit you

 Send instant push notifications when you create a new event

Accept Registration and Ticket Sales

 Choose to 1. Simply promote an event, 2. Allow online registration or 3. Sell tickets online for each event you setup.

 Create events with different ticket prices and limit the number of tickets that can be sold for each product. 

 Process ticket and additional product sales by credit card on a secure payment gateway.*

 Set percentage discounts on event tickets.

 Export and review all of your event attendees and easily contact them via email or SMS

What are you waiting for? Take the hassle out of promoting and selling tickets to your next event and it do all from the one place. Contact us today to discuss this and many other options for your next website.

*Fees and charges apply. Contact us for more information.