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Easy to use ecommerce websites, no matter who you are, or what you are selling!

Our E-Commerce websites are built to deal with $10 or $10,000 sales per day, so as your online sales grow - your website can too! With easy to use tools, our online store is completely integrated with our email and sms marketing tools as well so you can make your website work hard for you!

AND our online store application is custom developed in-house and has been used for over 15 years by ecommerce websites all over Australia. The benefit for you is that if need a store with custom development, or you need it integrated with other website features, our development team is on-hand and ready to help!


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Don't get hung out to dry when you sign up for your new online store. Our Ecommerce Website packages are not only designed and developed by us, but they are also completely supported and hosted by us too. So you will never find yourself with a problem or a question with your website and no one to help, we are always here and ready to help you! Starting to sell online can be a daunting process and our team will make the process as easy as we possibly can as well as offering you friendly advice and tips along the way.



Together you and our web design team will create a website that not only looks great but helps you achieve the most sales possible. We will guide you through the design process to make sure your design includes important elements often missed.


Whether you are wanting Paypal, manual payments or payments via an electronic gateway, we will discuss what options we have available as well as what will best meet your online needs.


It's easy to keep in touch with your customers after their purchase with an integrated email campaign module that allows you to send regular emails to your customers with your latest special offers and news.


We want you to make sales too, so we have made sure that we have optimised the store for search engines as much as possible. Plus we have included a number of DIY options for you to help boost your ratings online.


Encourage customers to purchase online by easily creating coupon and promotional codes, storewide discounts, discounts on certain categories, nominating a sales category or having a members only discount price.


We understand you may have fears with security breaches especially when you are offering online transactions. Rest assured unlike many of our competitors' products, our platform uses enterprise level technology and in 15 years has NEVER EVER been hacked.


Create loyalty in your customer base by creating tiers, i.e. create a 10% discount for all members who login, or create an area for wholesale customers or your top level customers to access a larger range or savings.


If you want a partner in the website creation process, someone that will be with you the whole way not just at the start. Call us today and see what we can do you help you get started, call 02 4967 7255 or 



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We deliver websites that look amazing, use enterprise level technology and tick all of the important boxes! With over 15 years of experience in delivering websites to Australian businesses, you can trust that the team at Telligence!


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Secure and safe against hackers


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Mobile responsive designs


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Hosted & supported by us


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Professional looking designs



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Hosted & supported in Australia


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Technology always updated


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Continually delivering enhancements


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Integrated technology that works