SSSHHHH The Secret To SEO With PowerSites

By  Sales Team

One of the key things that our customers ask us over and over again is why does my PowerSites online store rank so high on Google?

Well read closely we are going to let you in on an industry secret on how SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) works .... here goes.

One of the most important things to Google is how relevant your page is to the search terms your prospect clients are typing to their Google searches. There are 3 key ways to influence this;

1. Content

Providing content that is relevant to your search terms and your services is key to improving SEO. This doesn’t mean having great slabs of text on your site that repeat the same phases over and over, in fact Google hates that. In fact having small, clear, easy to read text that is directly related on numerous pages is much better for SEO. So the more pages you can have with content that relates to specific search terms the better.

2. Links to relevant sites

One of the old SEO tricks was to build “back links” to as many other websites as possible, this would include listing your website on all kinds of directories. Now Google has wised up to this and in fact can penalise your website for doing it. The best strategy for link building is to have quality relevant links to your partner's websites' and from them back to you, demonstrating you  are a specialist in your field. 

For example if you are a stockist of a product, ask the manufacturer to put a link to your website on their site with information about the geographic region that you service. This data will feed into Google’s algorithm for relevant results.

3. Have a well structured page

Did you know that Google rewards well created websites that conform to their standards with improved search results? If you website is poorly developed or an older site and does not pass some of Google's tests for things like mobile friendliness (Google's Mobile Friendly Test) and Page Speed, then other websites will surpass you in search results.

This is why making sure your page neat, clean and easy to engage with is not only important for usability but also for SEO.

So how does PowerSites address these issues?

Well lets take the example of our online store product. The PowerSites E-Commerce solution we have provides the following key features that directly addresses these key SEO tips;

Product Catalogue & E-Commerce System

Our product catalogue creates a structure of products, brands, and categories leading to a page for each product with content that relates to that specific product. This strategy clearly lays out for your customers and for search engines

- the type of products you sell,
- what they do,
- the way the products work,
- and specific product related content which is very relevant to your customers.

The catalogue also includes brand pages to tell your customers about the brands you sell the option (which we recommend) to link to the brand websites from each product.

The PowerSites Content Management System

Our PowerSites platform is developed with a number of features to optimise your website for search engines with every website we design being fully mobile responsive and coded in an optimal development framework. You also have the ability to optimise each page with built in SEO tools in the page administration area.

Blog and News

Our Blog and News modules are content machines. These modules give you the ability to produce content that search engines love. When you come to writing your content, be sure to read our other posts on how to optimise your blog content.

So if you sell any type of product either online or offline speak to the team at Telligence on how to use our tips outlined in this article, especially the Product Catalogue and E-Commerce modules to maximise your user experience and your SEO.