How To Get More Engagement With Video On Your Website

By  Sales Team

In the modern internet world your customers are too busy to spend time reading your content, now they want quick answers and an easy format..... the answer.... video!

Video is the perfect way to get your message across and get your customers to engage with your content. Statistics published recently suggest that customers are 72% more likely to press play on a video and engage with your content than they are to read your offering on your website. Video makes it easy to help your prospects become customers and they are also great for social media and SEO purposes.

With a fast growing trend for people browsing the internet on their mobiles, videos are an easy way for your customers to consume your content without having to read slabs of text on a small mobile device.

In our opinion every website should have a video on their site. Different video options might be;

  • An explainer video - introducing your customer to you and your products and services.
  • Video testimonials - recordings of your customers telling you how much they love your products.
  • Demonstration videos - showing new users on how to use your products
  • Introduce a team member - via video interviews
  • Make a product offer for your customers and call them to action
  • Create FAQ videos to answer those questions that keep popping up

Here is one of our demonstration videos on YouTube Channel explaining what a "Mobile Responsive Website" means.

So what are the key things you need to know about making a video for your website?

1. Make It Look Professional

These videos may be around for sometime in the internet world, so make sure all of your videos look professional with good quality sound to convey the professional nature of your company. Producing a quick 30 second video can be as low cost as $1500 and if you think about the amount of times that video will be played that can be a very low cost way to get and convert new leads.

Use The Right Video Host

While YouTube is the standard for hosting videos, and we would recommend you use it from an SEO perspective, there are more effective systems for data analysis out there. Take a look at Wistia. Wistia is a platform that is more designed for business use than YouTube. It has a free plan option or more advanced features in the paid plans.

There are some great tools such as, building in calls to action, ability to ask people to provide their email address to view a video, and even heat map analysis tools to see which parts on your video your customers engage with.

Keep It On Point.

When you think about an effective TV commercial it more than likely,

- told you about the product,
- then called you to do something about engaging with that business,
- all in less then 10-15 seconds.

That is what you are shooting for (forgive the pun), you want your customers to understand why you are talking to them and what they need to do, as quickly and simply as possible. The more effective you are at achieving this, the more likely you are to win a new customer.


So start planning out your video content today! Then let us know how we can assist with adding your new video to your PowerSites website, or if you need help finding some video production we can help too.