Addon Features

Integrated Features Make Things Easier For You!

addon features

Do you want to save time and money! We have loads of add on features available that you can add to your website which are all completely integrated with PowerSites CMS. That means you don't have to pay for and log in to three different applications or services.

Whether you want an, online store with integrated email and SMS capabilities, or want to do online surveys, store your documents online, have an online client booking system or maybe run courses online   - We Can Help!!!

Plus if you want special features on your website we may already have something that could do the job with minor customisations. With a variety of modules already available and a team of website developers on hand, if you have an idea, then we can develop the solution.

Here are just a few of the modules that we can add to your website with a click of a button!

Email Marketing is an extremely cost effective way to communicate with your existing and potential clients. Powersites Email Marketing System can be provided as a add on to your website.

DIY or we'll do it for you, our system allows bulk imports/exports of subscribers and unlimited email templates that can be re-used to create rich, engaging email marketing messages via an easy-to-use interface. 

Campaigns can be develop and scheduled up to 12 months in advance and so that you never miss a marketing opportunity i.e. Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day etc.

Powerful and detailed statistics are available through the system that include:

 Number of emails sent?

 Number of emails not read or traceable?

 Number of unique reads?

 Number of times read?

 Date & time read?

 Who read it?

To learn more about the other features or marketing ideas you can contact us to disuss adding this feature to your PowerSites website.

If you have used our PowerSites Content Management System people can also easily subscribe to your lists via your website, and the system can easily be linked with other modules such as PowerSites Store, Membership Management and Extranets.  If you are interested in email marketing for your business contact us today.

SMS Marketing and notifications has been increasing in popularity at a huge rate.  SMS Marketing is instant, convenient, cost effective and easy to do! Telligence's range of SMS Marketing solutions provide you access to extremely cost effective international and local SMS gateways for sending bulk SMS's or targetted SMS's to your clients and distribution lists.

Create or import your subscriber lists, create the message you want to send and our SMS Marketing System takes care of the rest.  We can offer one way SMS messaging or if you want your subscribers to reply we can send you their reply in a convenient email.

If you have a special need to SMS integration into any of your business processes e.g. appointment reminders our custom development team can create something for you that suits your needs. 

Contact us with your requirements for more information or pricing.

The Latest News Module, which is included in all PowerSites Websites, helps you engage visitors with regular updates about your products, services, achievements and announcements. 

The Latest News Module helps you

 Create an engaging News Item with our easy to use editor

 Schedule when you want it to appear on your website

 Click the "Share Icon" and automatically post your news item to your business Facebook and Twitter account

Writing a Blog is a great way to build a relationship with your client and visitor base by offering additional information to support the application of your products or services. The Blog Module, which is included on all PowerSites Websites, has lots of features that make writing and managing a blog an excellent add on to any PowerSites website including:

 An easy to use editor allows you to write your blog article and make it visually appealing using headings, bullet points and inline images.

 The ability to categorise your Blog entries to make it easier for readers to find articles

 A simple right column output allows you to feature the last 5 entries on any of your website pages quickly and easily

 All Blog content is completely searchable and can help you optimise your website for relevant keywords

 You can allow readers to comment on your Blog entries, with the option to review and approve all comments before they appear live

 In addition to your article you can upload supporting documents and images for your readers to download

 Each article can also feature share icons so readers can share it on their own social networks quickly and easily.

The Photo Gallery Module is a great way to showcase your photos online. This add on module is included in all PowerSites Websites and it allows you to display them in different categories and control how the thumbnails appear and are displayed.

 The module has a simple drag and drop interface to allow you to easily upload multiple images

 You can create categories and sub-categories to organise how your photos are displayed

 The module automatically create thumbnails on your website so people can scroll through the images

 When an image is clicked it opens a lightbox of the full sized image and has a previous and next button to allow users to scroll through the images available

 You can use the photo gallery interface to resize your images, so they are all uploaded at the same size or a web friendly size.

 The files that can be uploaded jpg. gif, jpeg and png

 You can also choose to add a description and title for each image

 You can also choose to feature a display of the latest images as a right column output on any of your web pages

Our Frequently Asked Questions add on feature is a great way to answer all of the questions of your website customers. This add on module is included in all PowerSites Websites and it allows the process of creating questions at the top of the page, followed by anchors, then links to the answers can be very time consuming, this module makes the process really easy.
Plus you can have your questions in different categories, making it easy for your website visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.

Testimonials is a great way to showcase your positive feedback from clients that allows you to not only have a page but allows you to feature your testimonials on other pages as featured outputs. This add on is available as standard in all PowerSites Websites. For example you can have a small box on your homepage with one testimonials that is constantly changing in a scrolling fashion.


The Events Module is an easy way to create and manage your events online. This PowerSites ass on allows you can schedule the upcoming 12 months events and it will automatically manage them on your website so you don't have to remember every week to remove and update events. The module is also managed from the PowerSites Administration area and easily allows you to:

Add an event and enter all of the required details including:

 Event Date and Time and Event Name

 Location Details

 Contact Details

 Registration details and closing date for registration

 A main event image

 Your logo and a sponsors Logo if applicable

 All of the details of the event in an easy to use which allows you to insert links, bullet points and include images.

 The module automatically removes the event from your Events page once the date is over

 You can also take online registrations to help give you a quest list to your events.

 The Events module can have it's own page on your website displayed as a list or in a calendar format.

 AND If you want to sell tickets to your event we can do this too.

The Document and Resource Library is a great way to manage your documents online, you can create your own categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. This PowerSites add on module is a great way to display customer application forms, latest newsletters or even to only allow staff to access the library and use it store business resources or even for online help documents.

 The module allows you to upload multiple documents at a time

 You can also link to documents that are stored externally on another website

 The library can multiple file types including from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF's, HTML, CSS and more

 Uploading the documents is easy to do using a simple drag and drop feature

 The Document Library is completely integrated with our PowerSites Mobile App, so if your library is public people can access all of the documents and files easily from their smartphones

The PowerData Custom Forms allow you to create forms on your website so you can collect information from your website visitors i.e. a simple contact form, a detailed enquiry form, an online qualification process and more. This addon feature allows you to create different fields to allow for users to select from a dropdown box, tick multiple tick boxes or just complete their contact information. Helping you deliver a high level of customer service and respond quickly, as soon as a contact form is completed the customer receives an customised email message and you are alerted via email that the form has been completed.

You can also view all of your contact forms collectively in a report style format in your website administration area.

The Business Directory is ready for you to display a comprehensive map based directory of businesses. If you were to build this level of architecture from scratch you would be looking at thousands of dollars, but because we have already built it, you can simply plug it in to your website for a fraction of the costs. The module has lots of great features that come as standard including:

 You can create multiple categories and subcategories for your business types

 Create a new business listing and then allocate an owner to allow them to update their own listing

 You can provide statistics to each business about how many people have viewed and click on their listing


Are you ready to add something new to your website? Fill out our request a quote form or give us a call on (02) 4967 7255